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Mimi is building the next generation audio standard based on hearing ability. Mimi’s patented real-time sound personalization can run all audio devices we already use.



Mimi Defined™ is fed with data from The Mimi Hearing Test, which is based on the same technology that powers Mimi' s award winning hearing apps (medical device class 1 - CE). The short but accurate Mimi Hearing Test measures your hearing ability at different frequencies to create your unique Hearing ID™.


Mimi Defined™ can optimize any electronic sound source during playback, so that the sound adapts exactly to your unique hearing ability - even if they normally have hearing problems. The technology is so powerful that recorded sound played back on any audio device sounds more detailed and pristine than the original.


Mimi Defined™ is personal. The most accurate mobile hearing test sets up the listeners Hearing ID™ so that they can hear sound like they were meant to. This new frontier in audio is powered by the data from more than a million hearing tests and count, each improving the sound that reaches your listener’s ears.


Create your hearing ID™

Your hearing is unique and changes over time. The Mimi Hearing Test captures everything you need to know about your hearing to personalize sound.


Hear Every Detail. In Astonishing Details.

With Mimi Music, you can hear it. You can feel it. Suddenly every detail of your favorite music sounds flawless. Voices come to life. You've never heard it so detailed, clear and warm.


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MIMI Hearing technologies

Mimi has an international team with longstanding science and audio industry background with a vision - to become the standard for science-based sound personalization.