Profiles for the entire family. 

Mimi Defined™ and Loewe can adapt sound to individual hearing. Every detail can now be heard and experienced, with clearer, warmer, and more balanced sound. For example, spoken detail in music, film, and documentaries can be perceived more easily by the listener, and sounds are more distinct at lower volumes.

Complete hearing comfort and customized sound for every generation is possible with Mimi Defined™. The combination of the best Loewe hardware and personalized sound calibration through Mimi Defined™ creates the ultimate unique listening experience. Previously only available on headphones, Mimi Defined™ is now available for the first time on speakers in a global premier with Loewe televisions, simply by pressing a button on the remote control.


1) Personalize your sound

Select Mimi Defined™ in “Sound” in the context menu to set up your unique sound profile, and optimize audio to your hearing.

2) Define for every listener

Quickly and easily add new profiles for every viewer based on year or birth or decade (for groups).

3) Create your unique Hearing ID™

A listener’s Hearing ID™ is a unique representation of their hearing ability that also enables sound personalization.



What is Mimi Defined™?

We developed Mimi Defined™ - an innovative technology that gives people, across a spectrum of hearing ages and abilities, the best sound possible.

Your sound, on your devices

Hearing is individual, complex, and changes over the course of time. Your ears actively shape your hearing experience. For the same person, the same sound on the same device will sound different. To compensate for these individual hearing differences, we developed Mimi Defined™, an intelligent hearing technology that brings you the best, most individualized sound possible.

Hear every detail, at any age

Clearly distinguish individual tones within complex sound mixtures and pick out subtle details. As we age, our hearing naturally declines over time, causing more blurred, less clear sound perception. Mimi Defined™ can optimize any electronic sound source during playback, so that the sound adapts exactly to your personal hearing ability - even if you normally have hearing problems.

Real-time sound processing

Mimi Defined™ continuously analyzes audio input in real time and adapts it to your hearing perception. Mimi Defined™ emphasizes the parts of the audio signal that are less pronounced by mimicking the complex adaptation processes of the inner ear. Whether using the age-based presets based on our data-driven model or taking our Mimi Hearing Test with 100 scientific parameters for full personalization, Mimi Defined™ maps sound to the way that you hear. Experience every nuance of audio and revitalize your ability to capture the full variety of sound with Mimi Defined™ - Hear every detail.