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Mimi was founded on a vision for Digital Hearing Health in Berlin January, 2014.

Our sound personalization technology was developed by a team of forty in-house specialists working in close cooperation with Charité – Berlin University of Medicine, one of the largest university hospitals in Europe. The Mimi Hearing Test is a medical product in Europe (CE, class 1). Mimi processing boosts the clarity and nuance of music, which in turn allows many of our users to reduce the volume.

Mimi envisions a world in which hearing ability is no longer a barrier to interact and enjoy life.

The Mimi idea started with a core belief: one sound does not fit all. While today's audio technology has advanced in truly amazing ways, our hearing ability has not. Human hearing is imperfect and unbalanced. It deteriorates over time thanks to ageing, genetics and an increasingly noisy world.

It means that most of us don't hear sound in its full detail, contrast or richness. When we listen to music, frequencies are lost and nuances can't be processed fully. By listening to low-quality, default audio settings, millions of people worldwide are risking irreparable hearing damage by cranking up the volume on their headphones.

In 2014, we set out to change this. We wanted to make hearing ability smarter and more in sync with today's technological advances. We began by releasing our hearing test app to build awareness of hearing health, followed shortly by Mimi Music, our showcase app to demonstrate what personalized sound really feels like. More than 1.5 million people downloaded already our apps, and the feedback, and the feedback on our apps remains overwhelmingly positive.

But it was never our goal to just build apps.

Our mission is to to create a world in which hearing ability is no longer a barrier to interact and enjoy life. By replicating the processes of the inner ear, Mimi adjusts to the individual experience, compensating for the imperfections in human hearing and closing the gap in audio optimization. It means you, the listener, can finally hear sound, perhaps for the first time, in all its detail, frequency, and contrast. To us, it means a future of better sound has already begun.


Date of Foundation: 9 January 2014
Employees: 40+
Founders and Managing Directors: Dr. Henrik Matthies, Philipp Skribanowitz, Dr. Nick Clark, Pascal Werner
Products: "Mimi Hearing Test" to test your hearing ability and "Mimi Music" for an individual sound personalization; both apps are medical devices in the EU (CE, class 1)
Customers and cooperation partners: Numerous licensees, including beyerdynamic, Bragi and Loewe TV, who integrated our sound personalization technology into their products



2014: Finalist Startup Battlefield. TechCrunch Disrupt New York
2014: 2nd place pitch Web Summit, Dublin
2016: 1st place Midemla competition, "Music Discovery" category
2017: IFA prize for audio innovation, Berlin
2017: StartUps & Developer Award at SF MusicTech Summit
2017: Sonar+D Award for innovation, Barcelona
2018: CES Innovation Award, Las Vegas