Mimi Defined™ & beyerdynamic with two new ANC headphones

Active noise cancelling and sound personalization finally combined.

The new beyerdynamic headphones Blue BYRD ANC and LAGOON ANC revolutionize the wireless music experience through the unique combination of the latest active noise cancelling and with sound personalization using Mimi Defined™. Mimi Defined™ powers sound personalization in beyerdynamic’s MOSAYC products by testing users’ hearing and adapting sound output to their unique profile. Users can test their hearing, control sound personalization, and shape their experience using the MIY (Make It Yours) smartphone app. With beyerdynamic’s high-quality design and the combination of ANC and MOSAYC, the growing product-line of headphones creates a completely new, individually-adapted sound experience with unprecedented detail.


The two new ANC headphones:

Bluebyrd ANC
Premium Bluetooth® neckband in-ear with ANC and sound personalization

  • Neckband In-Ear with digital active noise cancelling with hybrid technology
  • Very good sound, with and without ANC
  • Extra flat design and neck strap construction for ideal wearing comfort
  • Innovative Bluetooth® technology
  • MOSAYC sound personalization

Lagoon ANC
Premium ANC wireless headphones with sound personalization (closed)

  • Circumaural headphone with digital active noise cancelling with hybrid technology 
  • Very good sound, with and without ANC
  • Light guide system and touchpad control
  • Innovative bluetooth® technology and MOSAYC sound personalization
  • Available in 2 different styles: black/blue and grey/brown

Read more here: https://www.mimi.io/mimi-x-beyerdynamic

Andreas Berglind