A sophisticated hearing test inside your app or service.

Cutting-edge testing technology to make hearing healthcare more personal.


The worlds most advances and most loved digital hearing test

The Mimi Hearing Test can be integrated into your app, web page, or service.

Consistently rated #1 on iOS since 2014, the Mimi Hearing Test is the most powerful smartphone-based hearing test available. Taking the test is interactive and the insights are unique, accurate and user friendly. They map exactly how people hear sound in each ear, and provide a basis for diagnosis by your physician.

The Mimi Hearing Test also includes tracking features to help you take control of your hearing health, monitoring your ability to hear over time. Mimi produces a hearing profile that can sync with your apps and devices enabling you to hear details in your music that you have (often unknowingly) been missing.

Medical device (CE)

The Mimi Hearing Test provides screenings and hearing tests on the web, to users of all hearing ages and abilities. The Mimi Hearing Test serves as a medical screening for the patient’s hearing capacity.

By collecting the user’s hearing data and their transmission to the doctors and hearing healthcare professionals meet a medical standard, so that doctors and hearing specialists are prepared and supported in the best way possible for needed diagnostics and therapies and to employ hearing aids. While the Mimi Hearing Test does not explicitly replace a hearing aid, it lets users prepare the way to a medical hearing aid.

Advances methodologies.

Mimi Hearing Tests are based on two types of advanced test methodologies. The Pure Tone Threshold Test (PTT) detects how well you can hear one single tone at a time. And the Psychophysical Tuning Curve (PTC), our latest Hearing Test which tests how well you can distinguish tone from noise. This will determine how well you can decode audio info from complex sounds, such as details of a conversation amidst noisy acoustic environments.

Having 700,000 tests, pioneered cutting-edge testing technologies, and developed the global standard in sound personalization, we know more about your hearing than any other company. You can trust us with your hearing health.


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