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Permanent employee, Full-time · Berlin


Permanent employee, Full-time · Berlin


System Administrator (M/F/D)
Permanent employee, Full-time · Berlin


Permanent employee, Full-time · Berlin


Permanent employee, Full-time · Berlin




Who we are..

We are an eclectic bunch of over 60 people — including sound engineers, product designers, researchers, scientists, and software developers, all working together to create a world where hearing ability is no barrier to amazing, personalized sound.

At Mimi, diversity is our strength. We're based in Berlin — start up capital of the world, and we’re invested not only in products that help the world hear better, but in people who make our culture smarter, richer, and more human. 

We're growing fast and always on the lookout to hire talented, driven, and friendly folks, who are ready to meet new challenges and realize new dreams with us.

What's it like to work at Mimi?

According to the co-workers we asked, Mimi is all about making a meaningful contribution, feeling invigorated and empowered on the job, while learning something new every day.

The team rocks
"Mimi is a serendipitous combination of many of my passions - music, healthcare, and tech. And the team rocks."

A big sandbox from the beginning
"I'm inspired to contribute to a vision that can fundamentally change peoples life's for the better while working on a product that is actually innovative. Mimi was a big sandbox for me from the beginning cause you rarely get the chance to help build a company and a product at the same time."

Autonomy in work
"Team culture, autonomy in work. The fact that it is related to audio is a big plus as I wanted to educate myself quickly and practically on this topic."

Serving a very basic need
"I really like Mimi because it combines serving a very basic need: hearing - one of our 5 human senses, with delivering a very sophisticated, smart and scalable solution."

Cool mission, great cause
"I am deaf on one ear and have difficulties hearing on my right. It seemed like a cool mission and a great cause to be behind- and to work on such impactful technology preventing hearing loss and enabling people to hear again."

Young, ambitious team
Mimi was a perfect fit for my research skills and scientific knowledge at the time. I also like the health cause of the company, and love the young ambitious team."

Accessibility in healthcare
"When I found Mimi's products, it was after a summer of working in a primary school in Ahmedabad, India. A huge issue was accessibility to healthcare for the children, a lot of them going undiagnosed for treatable ailments. I still believe today that Mimi has the potential to bring hearing tests (maybe not yet for children, but at least adults) to remote areas at an affordable price tag. Transforming the education, health, and overall life quality for thousands of people."

A great learning opportunity
"It's a great learning opportunity in the tech / development field and music always played a big role in my life. So: Perfect fit!" 

Incredible learning environment
"Mimi is an incredible environment to learn in. A pressure cooker that causes me to almost drown on a continuous basis. For me there is no better state of being, because it forces fast learning. When I'm on top of things I'll try and find the next thing that is hard, the next challenge to tackle. It is not in your comfort zone that things happen. At the same time I am in my comfort zone, because despite all our faults, we're an amazing team of people that all try their best and have each other's best interests in mind. And I feel that. Every day."

No day is the same
"Mimi is everything that I was looking for - an awesome team, a great product that creates a real value and a work place where no day is the same and where I have the chance to constantly learn and grow."

A culture that inspires connection

Company breakfasts, tribe events, personal growth initiatives, Friday beers. We do what we can to keep our teams engaged and thriving. But, no 'perk' is more rewarding than the experience of working side by side with a group of brilliant, passionate people creating something meaningful together.

Interested to come join us? Check out our openings.



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