Mimi develops and licenses sound personalization technology integrated to all consumer electronic devices.

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We work with innovators in consumer electronics to create personalized sound experiences, intuitive applications, and award-winning products. Since 2017, we’ve introduced 13 partner products with Mimi Defined™ to global market success.

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Panasonic x Mimi Defined.

Mimi Defined™ isn't just a vital component of Panasonic's Wellness Suite; it is also one of the easiest to integrate into existing IFEC platforms.

Our vision is to be the global standard.

So we partnered up with Qualcomm.



Personalized sound for the way you do business.

We can’t change the conversation, but we can help you understand it.

Award-winning integrations.

Engineered for you.

Beyerdynamic and Mimi have perfected sound experience by bringing industry-leading audio hardware together with the world’s most advanced sound personalization technology. Now marking the 7th headphone with sound personalization

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The world’s first TV integration with personalized sound

With Mimi Defined™, television becomes a unique, individual listening experience - whether alone on the sofa, with a significant other, or among family and friends. The advances technology in Mimi Defined™ adapts to fit the listeners unique hearing ability brings back the full variety and complex detail of sound. Now, everyone can enjoy television together again - across generations.