Mimi x beyerdynamic at IFA (Hall 1.2 / 213)

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Today, Mimi Hearing Technologies, world leader in sound personalization and digital hearing tests. Released at this year’s IFA Berlin, one of the world's leading trade shows for consumer electronics, Mimi Defined™ will bring personalized audio for the first time to active noise cancelling headphones. The company’s software solution, tests, profiles, and optimizes for individual hearing differences to deliver personalized sound in audio devices.

Dynamic sound personalization via MIY app.

Hearing is a highly individual experience that changes over the course of a lifetime. Like in a mosaic picture, individual pieces get lost, changing the acoustic picture, rendering it incomplete or fading. Subtle details get blurred out, single frequencies or tones vanish. The innovative MOSAYC sound personalization by beyerdynamic restores the picture, using Mimi Defined™. An individualized hearing profile is calculated after a certified hearing test in the MIY app for Android and iOS devices. This test is based on the research by Mimi Hearing Technologies in Berlin. With the resulting personalized hearing profile, the sound of the Blue BYRD gets adjusted to the individual hearing capability of its wearer. It replenishes the missing pieces of the mosaic so to speak, to attain a complete and brilliant sound picture that shines in all its vivid colours and vibrant details. The individualized listening profile is also stored inside the Blue BYRD, so that it can be used with every wireless source – even without the app. In the future, all headphones by beyerdynamic with MOSAYC sound personalization will feature a distinct logo.


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