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Hearing damage is increasingly common amongst young people. One reason for this is listening to music on personal devices with the volume turned up too loud. However, everyone can become proactive and reduce their own personal noise exposure. The joint initiative of BARMER and Mimi Hearing Technologies for hearing damage prevention supports you in doing this.

The preventive idea: To inform you about your hearing health and to integrate healthy hearing directly into your everyday life simply and conveniently. BARMER is the first health insurance company in Germany to support a major prevention initiative on the subject of hearing and we invite you to join us: clearer sound with the overall volume turned down is possible, and you can do something good for your ears while listening to the music you love.

Check your hearing regularly

Hearing well is not a matter of course. Firstly no two pairs of ears hear sound in exactly the same way, our hearing ability is as unique as our fingerprint. Secondly, our hearing changes naturally with age. It is therefore advisable to check regularly how well you hear and, in case of doubt, go to an ENT doctor.

The Mimi Hearing Test gives you a profile of your unique hearing ability. It provides information about your hearing in both ears and advises you on how to protect your hearing ability. Mimi Music, a partner app for the Hearing Test, then goes one step further and personalized sound to your unique hearing ability. Music sounds not only clearer, but also fuller and more detailed. Many say, breathtakingly detailed. Even at significantly lower volume you hear more. And Mimi Apps are not just for the young, they are equally suitable for older ears.

Both the Mimi Hearing Test app and Mimi Music are free of charge until the end of 2018 as components of the initiative of BARMER and Mimi Hearing Technologies.


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