Individual sound, absolute tranquility.

Active noise cancelling and sound personalized by Mimi Defined™ finally combined.


State-of-the-art technology, personalized sound

The new beyerdynamic headphones Blue BYRD ANC and LAGOON ANC revolutionize the wireless music experience through the unique combination of the latest active noise cancelling and with sound personalized by Mimi Defined™.

Mimi Defined™ powers sound personalization in beyerdynamic’s MOSAYC products by testing users’ hearing and adapting sound output to their unique profile. Users can test their hearing, control sound personalization, and shape their experience using the MIY (Make It Yours) smartphone app. With beyerdynamic’s high-quality design and the combination of ANC and MOSAYC, the growing product-line of headphones creates a completely new, individually-adapted sound experience with unprecedented detail.

Dynamic sound personalization

Hearing is a highly individual experience that changes over the course of a lifetime. Like in a mosaic picture, individual pieces get lost, changing the acoustic picture, rendering it incomplete or fading. Subtle details get blurred out, single frequencies or tones vanish. The innovative MOSAYC sound personalization by beyerdynamic restores the picture, using Mimi Defined™. An individualized hearing profile is calculated after a hearing test in the MIY app for Android and iOS devices. 

With the resulting personalized hearing profile, the sound of the Blue BYRD gets adjusted to the individual hearing capability of its wearer. It replenishes the missing pieces of the mosaic so to speak, to attain a complete and brilliant sound picture that shines in all its vivid colours and vibrant details. The individualized listening profile is also stored inside the Blue BYRD,


Built by beyerdynamic. Sound Personalized by Mimi defined™.

Aventho wireless takes personal audio to a whole
new level of experience.

Powered by Mimi Defined™, Aventho wireless learns your hearing profile and tailors your sound to the way you hear, compensating for your hearing imperfections and restoring lost frequencies. The result is stunning sound quality, astonishing detail, and an immersive listening experience that will blow your mind.



Make your Aventho wireless headphone your personal and unique headphone.

The innovative MIY app in conjunction with beyerdynamic's Bluetooth headphones takes sound personalization to the next level. MIY uses the Mimi Hearing Test to customize your audio to suit your hearing ability. It tracks your daily listening habits, and is easily adjusted by a sensitive touchpad.

MIY_aventho_mimi copy2.jpg
With the launch of the Aventho wireless, Beyerdynamic and Mimi have started to disrupt the audio category by bringing best-in-class hardware to the personal level.
— Dr. Henrik Matthies, Managing Director Mimi Hearing Technologies



  • Mimi Defined™ sound personalization inside

  • Information-rich, uniquely balanced sound

  • Adjustable via MIY app (iOS & Android)

  • On-Ear headphones

  • Tesla technology

  • Noise damping

  • Swiveling handset

  • Closed acoustic design

  • Touchpad operation

  • Made in Germany

aventho_w2 copy.jpg

Personalized sound by mimi defined™

We combined our sound personalizing know-how with beyerdynamic’s high-end hardware capabilities to create a very special set of headphones.

Alongside Mimi Defined™ sound personalization, Aventho wireless comes complete with the kind of premium features which have long since defined beyerdynamic’s audio products. The in-built Mimi hearing profile makes Aventho wireless sound even more immersive and natural.


AMIRON. This is what award-winning personalized audio sounds like


Hot on the heels of the breakout success of our collaboration on Aventho wireless, we teamed up again with beyerdynamic to make a brand new Mimi Defined™ headphone. It’s the all new Amiron wireless. The name Amiron wireless already represents beyerdynamic’s icon passion for excellence and the very best german craftsmanship. With Mimi Defined™, it’s the best of both worlds: premium headphone hardware and the most advanced sound personalization software. It’s a breakthrough headphone, made with a lot of hard science to sound like magic.



High-end Tesla Bluetooth® headphones with sound personalization (closed)

  • Circumaural headphones with optimum sound quality (Qualcomm® aptX™ HD und AAC - plus aptX™ LL) and more than 30 hours battery life 

  • Dynamic sound personalization thanks to beyerdynamic MIY App

  • Intuitive operation via the touchpad integrated in the ear cup

  • Unique wearing comfort

  • Made in Germany

Great sound, perfected.


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