Hearables will change the way you hear.

Pairing Mimi sound personalization software with Bragi's hearable tech to deliver a transformative hearing experience.

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Your ears are nothing short of a wonder. 

They are one of our most important sensing organs.

Vibrating with all the sounds around you, enabling you to hear, to sense the world, and to communicate with others. Fluids and tiny hair cells in your ears allow you to understand your body’s position relative to gravity so that you can maintain balance.


About bragi

- Since our early days at Bragi, we understood that the ears are essential for human beings and their lives. 

"This is why we created The Dash, the world’s first hearable, a tiny and discreet computer worn in your ears - to enable, protect and entertain you. We believe that the proximity to the brain and the millions of nerve endings make the ears the right place for wearable technology." - The Bragi team

Our Bragi partnership is a prime example of how hearing enhancement can be integrated into a lifestyle product. We share Bragi’s vision to protect your hearing and we’re very proud of this pioneering project.
— Dr. Henrik Matthies MD of Mimi Hearing Technologies

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