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Pairing sound personalization by Mimi Defined™ with Bragi's hearable tech to deliver a transformative hearing experience.

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Mimi Defined x The Dash Pro

Mimi Defined™
Hear Every Detail

The latest update to The Dash series from Bragi has arrived, and it integrates a personalized audio experience developed by Mimi Hearing Technologies. With its patented sound processing algorithm, Mimi Defined™ optimizes any audio source to fit the user’s hearing profile, and restores the full detail and clarity enabling The Dash Pro to deliver a truly unique and personal hearing experience.

Mimi x Bragi

Personalized true wireless intelligent earphones for an active life.

Whether running, swimming, commuting or even just at home, with Mimi Defined™ inside The Dash Pro, any activity is elevated into a unique hearing experience.

With the Mimi Defined™ algorithm, the BOS 3.2 Update integrates a technology that intelligently assesses a person’s hearing ability with an on-board six-minute hearing test. Based on cutting-edge hearing science, audio sources or played back audio files, as well as the audio from streaming services such as Netflix and Spotify, are tailored to the user’s individual hearing. A revitalization of the hearing experience is finally here.

Once the hearing test is completed, users can control the intensity of the Music Personalization by Mimi Defined™ via the Bragi App. The audio input is continuously adapted to the user’s individual hearing ability in real time and offers a restoration of clarity and detail like never heard before. This unique sound personalization technology provided by Mimi Defined™ can be easily used with these intelligent true wireless earphones, while you follow your favourite activities.  

Our Bragi partnership is a prime example of how hearing enhancement can be integrated into a lifestyle product. We share Bragi’s vision to protect your hearing and we’re very proud of this pioneering project.
— Dr. Henrik Matthies MD of Mimi Hearing Technologies

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