Personalize your sound with Mimi

Everyone hears differently and we live in an ever-increasingly personalized world. It stands to reason therefore that our devices know how well we hear and cater for our individual hearing ability. Mimi bridges the gap between hearing and audio, ensuring the listener gets the most personalized sound experience, tailored to their hearing.

Hear every detail.

Mimi Sound Personalization is a unique processing technology that replicates the way the human ear works. It adapts the audio signal to a user’s hearing ability, compensating for less than perfect hearing. The result is a sound experience where listeners can hear more again, and are better able to enjoy music and to follow dialogue.

Restored detail

Mimi helps the ear transmit more information to the brain, compensating for hearing ability. More sounds become audible again and details otherwise lost are restored.

Improved sound clarity

With Mimi, music and film audio is richer and more involved. Instruments become more distinguishable, and dialogue clearer, for a better and more enjoyable sound experience.

Turn up the detail, not the volume.

In complex soundscapes individual sounds can be masked and hard to distinguish, requiring extra listening effort. To compensate, some user’s turn up the volume. Mimi optimizes audio to overcome masking, ensuring no loss of detail at lower volume levels.

Reduced listening levels

Prolonged listening at high volumes can be detrimental to hearing health. Listening with Mimi enables the user to listen at reduced volume levels without any loss of detail.

More comfortable listening

Mimi makes listening more comfortable by reducing the fatigue that comes from longer sessions of high listening effort. Mimi makes it easier to concentrate when watching a film or listening to music.

Understand every word

For spoken content, Mimi caters specifically for frequencies found in the speech range, optimizing the audio signal to deliver the maximum information to the brain for increased understanding.

Increased speech clarity

Voice can be particularly difficult to distinguish in noisy soundscapes. Mimi improves speech clarity, ensuring you don’t miss a word.

Improved intelligibility

Mimi makes spoken content more robust, improving intelligibility and making speech easier to understand. This is ideal for watching documentaries and foreign-language content, or listening to podcasts and audiobooks.