Personalized audio. Because we all hear differently

Everyone hears differently and we live in an ever-increasingly personalized world. It stands to reason therefore that our devices know how well we hear and cater for our individual hearing ability. Mimi bridges the gap between hearing and audio, ensuring the listener gets the most personalized audio experience, tailored to their hearing. 


Technology that knows your ears

Mimi is a processing technology born out of years of hearing science research. Developed as a hearing technology for music lovers, Mimi integrates directly into the source and uses unique, non-linear processing to tailor the audio output to a listener’s unique hearing profile. 

While Mimi is beneficial for listeners with less than perfect hearing, it is not a hearing aid. If a hearing aid is a pair of glasses for your ears, then Mimi is a screen displaying an image containing your prescription. Mimi focuses on optimizing the audio you are listening to, rather than amplifying every sound you are exposed to. 

Personalize your audio in minutes

Like fitting a pair of glasses, Mimi works by assessing your hearing ability and creating a customized audio preset for you. Your audio is then processed using this preset and personalized to your unique hearing ability. 

1. Find a quiet | 2. Take a short hearing | 3. Enjoy personalized audio

Get more out of your audio

Mimi is designed around the complex functions of the ear. By helping the inner ear pass on more information to the brain, more sounds become audible again, restoring detail otherwise lost. With Mimi, music becomes more enjoyable, while speech becomes more intelligible. Audio is more comfortable to listen to.

Helping listeners distinguish individual sounds 

One issue that people with hearing impairment often face is distinguishing details within complex soundscapes, or for instance listening to speech within a noisy background. This is known as masking, with certain audio signals being masked by other signals. 

Mimi solves for audio masking by attenuating the loud tones (which cause the masking) and lifting the quiet details, processing the audio signal in real time to help the ear transmit more information to the brain.


In all the places you listen

Mimi works with innovative technology partners to integrate its technology directly into the source. From headphones and televisions, to smartphones and in-flight entertainment systems, Mimi has designed its technology to work across multiple listening environments so you can enjoy personalized audio wherever you listen. 


Personalize your audio everywhere with your Hearing ID™ 

Everyone’s hearing is individual and highly complex. Mimi’s Hearing ID™ is a unique representation of a user’s hearing ability and how it changes over time.

Create a Hearing ID™ and you can seamlessly switch between any device enabled with Mimi, personalizing your audio anytime, anywhere, to your unique hearing ability.