The Mimi hearing test 

Create your unique Hearing ID™ with the Mimi Hearing Test

The short but accurate Mimi Hearing Test measures your hearing ability at different frequencies to create your personal Mimi Hearing ID™. Your Mimi Hearing ID™ consists of more than 100 scientific parameters, mapped directly to your unique hearing. No time to take a hearing test? No worries! We can instantly give you an individual profile using just your year of birth, based on our statistical model of age-related hearing loss.

When you have created your unique Hearing ID™, simply upload it to your audio device of liking, and it will serve as a key that unlocks personalized sound adjusted to your unique hearing ability on all Mimi Defined™ enabled products.

Advanced Testing Technology

We use cutting edge methodologies to give you more in-depth results than ever before.

  • Comprehensive testing: we test a broader range of frequencies than a traditional hearing test

  • Understandable results: we provide complicated data in an intelligible format

  • Regular reminders to test your hearing: track your results over time

  • Easy to share insights: export your results to share with your doctor

  • Tips for protecting your ears: find out what you can do to protect your hearing

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Go ahead, rest your ears in our hands!

Having tested over 1.5 million ears, pioneered cutting edge testing technologies, and developed the global standard in sound personalization, you can trust our hearing insights. Our hearing test is best free app of its kind, and it it’s easy to use! Try it now!